What Car Damage Is Common After An Accident?

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you may have had whiplash or other injuries. Just like accidents can cause physical or structural damage to a human, it can do the same with a car, but do you know which parts of a vehicle are the most damaged or commonly damaged? In our blog today, we’ll discuss this topic.


Car Damage After an Accident

Fender benders happen all the time. It may scratch your vehicle or dent your bumper or take out a front or rear light. A major accident can cause severe damage, such as to the frame, which can render a car undrivable. Insurance companies label it “totaled.” Here is the most common damage done to a vehicle after an accident.


Rear Bumper Damage

It’s no surprise that most rear bumpers are rubber. This is so a minor, or even major, car accident doesn’t take out your back end. This car part is also the most commonly damaged in an accident. Keep in mind that there’s more to the rear bumper you need to consider and inspect since the layer of foam beneath the bumper absorbs the impact and may also need repairing or replacing.


Trunk Lid Damage

Along with rear bumper damage, the trunk lid can also take damage in a rear-end collision. If the accident was severe enough that it opened the trunk, ensure, you have the latch inspected. If damaged but not fixed, it could cause the trunk to open while driving, resulting in problems or even another accident.


Inertia Switch Damage

Another typical car part that gets damaged is the inertia switch. (gives power to the vehicle’s fuel pump) In an accident, a tripped switch prevents it from feeding electricity to the fuel pump, thus preventing a fire. If there’s damage in an accident and your car won’t start, this is a good thing. If your vehicle has an inertia switch, you will likely push a button to start the car regularly, allowing you to get it to a shop. Check your owner’s manual. 


Headlights & Taillights

These parts are nearly always damaged in a car accident since lights are made of hard plastic and usually take much of the impact of a collision. If they do break, get them replaced immediately. If these lights don’t function properly, the police could fine you.


Battery Damage

Depending on the severity of the accident, it can jar your battery, resulting in it becoming prematurely inoperable. Keep this in mind after an accident.


Door Damage

If you were hit broadside or hit someone while turning, you will sustain damage to your doors. Because of this, they may not open or close, so ensure each door is operable after an accident.


Steering Damage

After an accident, you may find it hard or impossible to steer or roll your car—particularly in a severe collision. If this is the case, it’s inoperable and needs towing. 


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