What is the Effect of Vandalism on Cars?

Car vandalism happens, no matter where you live or work. It can have a significant effect on your car, especially if it’s a classic car or luxury type vehicle. If you’ve had this type of damage to your car, keep scrolling to learn about what effects it can have and what to do if you’re the victim of vandalism.

Car Vandalism 

Car vandalism can be mild to severe. It could include slashing tires, keying a vehicle, and smashing windows; egging or throwing soda or juice on a car is also considered vandalism. Even writing on a car with paint or chalk without someone’s permission is vandalism and under state laws, a crime. Other legal terms for vandalism can also be labeled criminal damage, malicious damage, or malicious trespass.

Most Common Types of Car Vandalism

Keying someone’s car: The most common type of car vandalism is keying cars. It can be done anytime, anywhere, and no one would even know it’s happening. You can have small scratches buffed out, but deeper scratches require repair from an auto shop.

Breaking car windows: Another common type of car vandalism is when someone breaks your car windows. Sometimes, side mirrors or headlights are included. Windows can shatter easily, and a broken window gives quick access to the vehicle. 

Slashing car tires: This type of damage prevents you from driving your car and can cost a pretty penny in tire replacement. Depending on what kind of car you own, it could cost you anywhere from $400-800 per set. 

Egging vehicles: When someone throws eggs at your car, it can mean a costly repaint job. The eggshells scratch the clear coat on your car and can be superficial or deep enough to seep into the base coat. Egg yolk is acidic and can damage or stain the base coat. Remove the eggs as soon as possible, so they don’t dry; it can become difficult to remove otherwise.

Spray painting cars: A spray paint can is the most common tool used in vandalism. In this type of damage, the vandal often sends a clear message that can include racial or sexual epithets or other derogatory messages. Car owners usually have to repaint the whole car or replace panels. 

Tips if Your Car is Vandalised

The following tips can help if your car is vandalized:

  • Take photos of the damage – Document the damage with pictures you can present to the insurance company and for your records. If you have before and after pictures, that will help show the extent of damage of the vandalism.
  • Protect and secure your car – Ensure you cover your vehicle securely with a plastic sheet or other protective material that helps prevent damage from the elements. Note, if you don’t take steps in protecting your vehicle and your car’s interior is damaged, your insurance company might not reimburse you.
  • Call the police – Before calling your car insurance, call the police first to file a report, Do this as soon as possible, so you have an official record when you submit the claim.
  • Collect documentation – Get any relevant documents and information, such as photos, police reports, a list of any stolen items, and relevant receipts that include any costs for protecting your vehicle following the damage. Also, collect any documented witness statements.
  • File an insurance claim – After filing a police report, call your insurance company and file a damage report and wait for a claims adjuster to assess your vehicle’s damage and offer options to repair it, as well as replace your valuables.

Have Car Vandalism? Call Schneider Auto Body

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