What’s Included in a Full Car Detail?

If you have never had a full car detail service for your vehicle, do yourself a favor and don’t wait. Think of spring cleaning, but for your car. 

The end result will have you feeling like your vehicle is almost brand new again. What’s included in a full car detail? We are dishing it all out here.


Exterior paint care should be included in a full car detail service. The process of caring for the paint on your car should not be taken lightly. A trustworthy company will clean and wash the paint on the outside of your car, remove any dirt or tar, and then have it polished and protected from further damage that could occur in the miles to come.


The wheels of your car should be intricately cleaned. The surrounding areas should also be cleaned which would be the undercarriage, the wheel wells, the suspension components, splash guards, fender liners, and tires. A protectant will be used where able to allow lasting effects and prevention against cracking and corrosion.


Most used cars accrue oxidation on the headlights and tail lights which creates the foggy look they have to them. When you receive a full car detail, your headlights and tail lights will be polished to eliminate the oxidation and then sealed afterward to prevent further oxidation from happening down the road.

Engine Bay

Your engine bay will be cleaned using a gentle mist and then cleaned with a special degreaser. After rinsing and drying has taken place, all of the silicone, plastic, and rubber parts will be primed for protection to prevent any cracking or damage in the future.


Having a full car detail cleaning means the interior (and all of your garbage too). Your vehicle will be clear of any trash or garbage you have piled up or laying around. Your carpets and seats will be vacuumed and the miniscule trash that wasn’t initially picked up the first time around will be eliminated. Once this is completed your windows will be washed and left sparkling clean. Your carpets and matts will then be washed and any stains found on them will be removed. If you have leather components in your car, these will be well washed and also conditioned for proper treatment.The dashboard and other components inside will be cleaned and an air freshener will be provided to leave your car smelling fresh. 

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