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Who Pays for Damages in a Car Accident?

Car accidents are far too common and can ruin more than just your day. It’s an unfortunate reality that the first thought that comes to mind after an accident is, “how much is this going to cost?” An accident can mean unplanned fees and expensive bills, from car repairs to medical bills if you’re injured. Sure, you have insurance, but who actually pays for the damages in a car accident? And what if an uninsured driver hits you? 

We hope to ease your mind about some of the financial burden that comes with a car accident by providing you with clear information about paying for car accident damages. 

What are Damages? 

Damages are any problems or injuries to you or your vehicle sustained during an accident. Damages may also include any damage to property (such as knocking down a mailbox or light pole). Damages may be as small as buffing and painting over scratches in a car door or as serious as completely replacing a totaled car. 

Damages may also include bills for medical treatment if parties in the car accident were injured and require medical attention. Pre-existing conditions and fault may be determined to evaluate the extent of the damages and which party is responsible. 


Generally, the at-fault driver is responsible for repairing damages of a car accident. This can get tricky when fault is disputed or when the at-fault driver does not have insurance. It’s important to call for police support in the event of an accident and to file a report so that any dispute can be handled appropriately for insurance. 

In most cases, your insurance will cover your claims for damages to your vehicle, whether you are at fault or not, and then seek restitution from the at-fault party’s insurance if you are not at fault. If you are at-fault, your particular auto insurance coverage will be an important factor. Collision coverage varies and may or may not protect you from at-fault damages to another’s vehicle. You may be responsible for meeting a deductible before the insurance coverage kicks in to cover the damages. 

What to Do

If you find yourself involved in a car accident, be sure to gather and keep as much information as possible. Call police for a report, take photos, and get the insurance and contact information for any involved drivers or passengers just in case. As soon as you can, take your vehicle to a trusted auto body shop for a brief assessment and/or quote for the repair. Some insurance companies have preferred partners for auto body or glass repair shops, but it’s always smart to get a second opinion. 

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