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What is Minor Cosmetic Car Damage?

If you’re involved in an accident, you’re probably hoping to hear that the only damage is minor cosmetic car damage.

You will have a lot of initial concerns. Are you ok? Are the people in the other vehicle ok? Once you’re certain that everyone is fine and the immediate danger is over, you’re likely to worry about your car’s appearance and functionality.

While there is no official classification system for the amount of damage done to a car in a collision, we can provide you some general categories of damage, the collisions that cause them, and the price repairs might cost.

Types of Car Damage

A skilled technician will be able to properly classify your car and prepare accurate quotes according to the following basic categories.

Minor Cosmetic Car Damage

Minor cosmetic damage is categorized as any damage that does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle. Essentially, this type of damage is anything that doesn’t make it difficult, impossible, or dangerous to drive the car. A chip in the windshield is considered minor cosmetic damage, but a large and spreading crack is not, since it can impede the driver’s vision. The most common form of minor cosmetic damage is scratches or chips in the paint of a vehicle caused by scratching against another car, pole, fence, or obstacle.

Structural Damage

A far more concerning category of damage is structural damage. When a car is in a significant collision at a high rate of impact, it will sustain structural damage. The frame of the vehicle can be bent, making it impossible to drive away from the scene. Sometimes, structural damage can be the misalignment of axles or other car features. Structural damage is usually more severe and more expensive.

Hidden Damage

While structural damage can prevent you from driving a vehicle, this isn’t always the case. You may find that structural damage is hidden and go dangerously undiagnosed if you don’t take your car to a trusted auto body shop. Furthermore, structural damage will cause instability and premature wearing on alignment, tire, and suspension over time. We recommend getting your car checked out after any collision, even if you don’t think there’s a structural issue.

Total Damage

A car is considered “totaled” if the damage to it is greater than the cost to replace it. Often, people visualize a car that has been crunched into a pulp when they hear the word totaled; however, it might be a standard collision that disables the car to the point that repair isn’t advisable. Therefore, it’s easier to total older vehicles since they have less value.

Trust Us With Your Collision Damage

If you experience a collision, we hope you only face minor cosmetic car damage. No matter the consequences of any car accident, Schneider Auto Karosserie Body & Paint can repair your car and get it running in no time.

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