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Can Frame Damage be Fixed?

One of the biggest concerns when your car has been in an accident is whether or not there has been frame damage. 

You will want to assess if your frame has been damaged, how extensive that damage is, and if it can be repaired because if the damage is too intense, the car will sadly be totaled. 

In this post, we will cover what causes damage to the frame, how to tell if there is such damage, and how to know if a damaged frame can be fixed.


What Is a Damaged Frame?

The frame of a car refers to the main structure of the vehicle. Its purpose is to support the car's weight, provide safety to occupants of the vehicle through its rigid structure, and allow the vehicle to operate safely on the road. When the frame is compromised or damaged in any way, each of these primary purposes is likewise compromised. For this reason, it isn't safe to operate a vehicle with a damaged frame, and driving the car without fixing it can cause further mechanical damage.

What Causes Damage to the Frame?

The leading cause of frame damage is car accidents, but different types of impact can create specific kinds of damage to the frame. Here are the main categories of damage you're likely to find:

  • Mash damage - Typically caused by either head-on or rear-end collisions, the frame can compact somewhat, like an accordion, shortening the frame. This type of damage can happen even in low-speed collisions.
  • Twisted or sagging damage - A tell-tale sign of this type of damage to the car frame is that the vehicle will be unstable at higher speeds. You'll also be able to see gaps in the body, and coils and tires will wear much faster.
  • Sway damage - A result of a T-bone collision can also occur when a car is hit in the corner. The frame bends left or right, and when operating the vehicle, it will tend toward one side and not drive in a straight line. Signs of this issue are vibrations and problems with the driveshaft.

Can a Damaged Frame be Fixed?

It is possible to fix a damaged frame. This type of repair is best completed at a reputable auto body shop, by an experienced mechanic, with the correct tools and technology. These shops use computerized framing machines, which can return the frame to factory specifications using hydraulics and torque. If that repair is not practical, it is also possible to remove sections of the frame and weld in replacement parts. Often, the question isn't whether a structure can be fixed but instead if it is worth repairing. Most insurance companies will determine this using a repair-to-value ratio.

Trust Schneider Auto to Repair Your Damaged Frame

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