How Do I Estimate Car Repairs?

You may need to estimate car repairs, whether you’ve been in an accident, or your car simply needs routine work done as parts wear out. 

This task can seem daunting, leaving you wondering where to begin. Below are some guidelines for getting an estimate on car repairs.

Gather Information

If you’ve got an idea what the issue is with your car, you can start there, such as the alignment being off. Your car’s manual also gives guidelines for when routine maintenance should occur. For straightforward repairs like these, you can do some research online to get an idea of costs. There are plenty of online tools on reliable sites like Kelley Blue Book that can give you a ballpark estimate of repair costs. The estimate will give a range for costs in your location, broken down by parts and labor, giving you a baseline for what costs you can expect. 

Find a Reliable Auto Shop

It’s easy enough to research repairs on your own if you know what they are, but many times your car experiences symptoms of a problem, and you need a diagnosis. This is when it is time to ask a mechanic. It always helps to have a referral from a trusted friend or family member, but if not, it’s even more important to do a little research and check out the reviews for any potential auto shops. Online reviews can be telling, but you should also take into account whether the business is backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It also is helpful to find an auto shop that specializes in your make of car, as they will have more expertise. A good rule of thumb is to get estimates from three separate shops.

Estimate Car Repairs from the Auto Shops

Once you’ve narrowed your options, call ahead and schedule appointments with the auto shops for an in-person estimate. The technician will walk with you to look at the car, so that you can point out issues and damage. They may take photos to help with the assessment, and will take down the VIN and odometer as well. From there, the estimator will provide you with a written assessment of repairs needed and the estimated cost of parts and labor. 

The entire process should take about a half-hour, so that you can be on your way. Having the estimate in writing should provide a detailed breakdown showing which repairs are needed, along with the cost of parts and labor for each. This allows you to check line-by-line that you are getting a fair estimate from each auto shop. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option; you’ll want to choose a mechanic that can not only diagnose the problem, but explain it in a way that is easy for you to understand. 

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What’s Included in a Full Car Detail?

If you have never had a full car detail service for your vehicle, do yourself a favor and don’t wait. Think of spring cleaning, but for your car. 

The end result will have you feeling like your vehicle is almost brand new again. What’s included in a full car detail? We are dishing it all out here.


Exterior paint care should be included in a full car detail service. The process of caring for the paint on your car should not be taken lightly. A trustworthy company will clean and wash the paint on the outside of your car, remove any dirt or tar, and then have it polished and protected from further damage that could occur in the miles to come.


The wheels of your car should be intricately cleaned. The surrounding areas should also be cleaned which would be the undercarriage, the wheel wells, the suspension components, splash guards, fender liners, and tires. A protectant will be used where able to allow lasting effects and prevention against cracking and corrosion.


Most used cars accrue oxidation on the headlights and tail lights which creates the foggy look they have to them. When you receive a full car detail, your headlights and tail lights will be polished to eliminate the oxidation and then sealed afterward to prevent further oxidation from happening down the road.

Engine Bay

Your engine bay will be cleaned using a gentle mist and then cleaned with a special degreaser. After rinsing and drying has taken place, all of the silicone, plastic, and rubber parts will be primed for protection to prevent any cracking or damage in the future.


Having a full car detail cleaning means the interior (and all of your garbage too). Your vehicle will be clear of any trash or garbage you have piled up or laying around. Your carpets and seats will be vacuumed and the miniscule trash that wasn’t initially picked up the first time around will be eliminated. Once this is completed your windows will be washed and left sparkling clean. Your carpets and matts will then be washed and any stains found on them will be removed. If you have leather components in your car, these will be well washed and also conditioned for proper treatment.The dashboard and other components inside will be cleaned and an air freshener will be provided to leave your car smelling fresh. 

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At Schneider Auto Karosserie, we pride ourselves in making our customers happy. We hope you found this information on what is included in a full car detail helpful. Taking care of your car is a top of the line investment that will payout for years to come. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and make high quality collision repairs working hard to repair your car to its pre-accident condition. We can help with anything from minor to major. Give us a call at (801)-484-9400. Contact us today!

Car Detailing: How Long Does a Full Detail Take?

Your car is your mobile command center, yet it can get cluttered in a hurry. You may be considering a full detail to get it looking good as new.

Spilled drinks, fast food wrappers, mud from shoes, school papers, kids’ toys, and more can end up scattered throughout your vehicle, making it feel chaotic and dirty instead of enjoyable.

Every car owner would love for their cars to remain perfectly clean like a dealership model, but it’s not always realistic. Still, you can get complete car detailing that makes your car feel like brand new—and motivates you to keep it that way. All it takes is some elbow grease or an excellent detailing service. So how long will that take? We’ll break down what you need to know about car detailing.

What is a Full Car Detail?

The definition of a full car detail may vary from person to person and car to car. Many companies will describe a comprehensive detailing as a car wash and interior vacuuming, while others refer to a microscopic cleaning of each nook and cranny of the car, inside and out.

A full car detail is cleaning the inside and outside of a car. The amount, quality, and specificity of products used can take a car detail from a simple to a complex level.

For example, a casual car owner may take their car through an automatic car wash with free vacuums for the interior and call it a full detail after a quick sweep through. A car fanatic may worry about waxing, polishing paint, dusting, defogging lights, and using air pressure to remove dirt from crevices inside the vehicle. Both of these are considered a full car detail, but one will take 20 minutes and the other two hours (or longer).

How Long Does a Full Detail Take?

As explained above, detailing can be as meticulous or streamlined as you’d like. Here are a few options depending on the amount of time you have available:

Under 30 Minutes: Quick Detail

Most car owners fall into this category, which we recommend doing weekly. It might include a car wash, vacuum, quick window cleaning, and dusting inside and out with microfiber cloths. Bonus points if you can use an interior protection spray.

30-60 Minutes: Maintenance Wash

A maintenance wash should be performed at least monthly and is critical for preserving your paint, wheels, and fixtures. It would include a foam pre-wash, pH shampoo/cleanser, sealant or wax applied, and careful drying.

60-120 Minutes: Full Maintenance Detail

At least once a quarter, but hopefully more frequently, you should perform a full maintenance detail. It includes all the previous steps, including a detailed approach to the vehicle’s interior. Car mats should be brushed, beaten, and vacuumed. All surfaces should be dusted and cleaned with a disinfectant spray. Depending on the materials in your car (leather, wood elements, chrome, etc.), you can use specific cleaning agents to help them appear at their best. Don’t forget an air freshener!

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