Does Structural Damage Mean Frame Damage?

Structural damage to a car can include many parts, including the frame, which can cause irreparable damage. But does structural damage automatically mean your car sustained frame damage? Scroll down to find the answer.


Frame Car Damage

To answer the question, yes, when the structure of your car becomes heavily damaged, that usually means the frame. Let me explain: 

Under the belly of the car, deep down, is the structural support system or the frame of your vehicle. It’s the foundation in which your vehicle was built and is designed to protect you in the event of an accident. When your car sustains frame damage, it means an accident or third-party alternation has compromised the integrity of your vehicle. It also means there could be damage to parts of the car that provide structural support.

Let’s talk about parts of the frame of the most common type of car frame.


Parts of the Frame

There are many different types of car frames, with the most common being the unibody frames and ladder frame. This type of frame has several parts, and damage to any of these parts can constitute frame damage. They include:

  • Core support: This section of the frame supports the radiator and can be found on the front end of your car. In an accident, this part can be removed or replaced without being considered Frame Damaged.
  • Unirail: Located at the front and back of the car are two symmetrical metal beans or rails, which are one of the strongest parts of the frame. They are also the foundation for other components that get welded on to these rails.
  • Strut tower: You can find four strut towers on every vehicle, typically located on the four corners of the car. It’s also part of the front apron and rear quarter panel and is designed to align and hold your vehicle’s suspension in place.
  • Apron: The front inner fender area of the car is the apron, which comprises two sides. It extends from the core support to the strut tower and the rear apron, stretching from the strut tower to the firewall.
  • Firewall: Part of the frame that separates the motor from the cockpit is the firewall. It makes up the front unibody and engine bay of the car, alongside the apron, strut tower, front rails, and core support.
  • Floor Pan: This is a metal sheet welded to several cross members to shape the floor of a vehicle. It has several grooves and holes to fit the vehicle’s drivetraIn and electric wiring.
  • A-B-C-Pillars: As vertical supports of a car, these pillars are labeled alphabetically to show their location from front to rear. Some vehicles like the Minivans have a fourth pillar called, respectively, the D-pillar for additional length support.
  • Rocker Panel: This is located on each side of the vehicle in-between the wheels and under the doors and supports the doors and helps align them when closed.
  • Quarter Panel: Another metal sheet that forms the left and right rear panels of your vehicle, these panels help mold the wheel well. In most cars, the gas cap is on it. 
  • Rear Support: On ordinary cars, the rear section of the frame comprises two unirails: a floorboard (storage for spare tires) and a back bumper support.


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